Reclaiming Urban Forest Resources

Our city has over 10 million trees covering 25 percent of the city.  Every year hundreds of trees come down for a variety of reasons - good stewardship, drought, natural life-cycle, safety.  These urban trees are viewed as "green waste" to be buried or chipped. But these trees are a valuable local resource which can be transformed into beautiful furniture, locally sourced dimensional lumber for fine furniture, art work, flooring or anything else a creative person can imagine.  

Angel City Lumber takes the fallen trees of our community and mills them into building materials, specifically dimensional lumber, wood slabs, and millworks. We use a state-of-the-art portable Lucas Mill 8-30 for cutting and we dry the wood in our Nyle L200M wood kiln for between 6-8 weeks. Finally, we offer these urban lumber products back to builders, furniture makers, artists, contractors, homeowners, architects and designers in the Los Angeles community at affordable prices.