Manuela Restaurant at
Hauser Wirth

Griffith park Redwood
Raised planters

Manuela Restaurant, committed to sustainable practices, was eager to have their planters adhere to that philosophy.  We sourced discarded Redwood logs from LA Rec & Park’s wood graveyard in Griffith Park.  This means Manuela’s planters are made from an aggregation of fallen trees from throughout LA’s park system, which we think is pretty cool!

Hollywood Cedar
Planter Boxes

Many of the Cedar logs that form the center piece planters in the Hauser Wirth courtyard came from a residence in Hollywood.  The owner was excited to know the tree his family had lived with for 25 years, which came down due to age, was being re-purposed rather than ending up waste.


Mar Vista Cedar

The organic modern nature of these benches make them a perfect fit for the aesthetics of the Hauser Wirth courtyard.  Angel City Lumber worked closely with Studio MLA to get the aesthetics just right.

Ontario Cedar
Planter walls

Creating exacting mitre joints isn’t an easy feat.  Angel City Lumber fabricated a full layout of the project at our Boyle Heights shop to ensure everything fit together perfectly on installation day.  We’re quite pleased with the results!