Banc of California Stadium

Sycamore tree @
La sports arena 2016

This picture was taken on an Angel City Lumber field trip to the Sports Arena days before these Sycamore trees were taken down to make way for demolition machinery.  We are tremendously proud these trees continue to be of use.

Milling sports arena trees

Studio MLA, contracted for significant elements of the new stadium’s landscape architecture, was excited to use trees from the site as part of their plan.  At Angel City Lumber we began work on their design, milling the large Eucalyptus, Oak and Sycamore logs we had recovered from the location.


Milled benches returning home

Angel City Lumber delivered the furniture to the stadium a few weeks before the building's final completion. These trees have now returned to their original home in the form of furniture.


benches @ Banc of California
Stadium 2018

These wood benches once stood as trees just a hundred meters from where they now sit.  The large benches and smaller stools were beautifully incorporated into Studio MLA’s design.  We love the juxtaposition of the warm wood with the cooler stone elements.