Angel City Lumber fabricates custom pieces from big to small. Below is a snapshot of some projects that feature Los Angeles lumber and our work.

Manuela Restaurant

Manuela restaurant is committed to sustainability both in their food and their space. We sourced trees from all over Los Angeles to help Studio MLA fulfill Manuela's promise to "unite chef, farmer and artist to create an authentic and original dining experience."

Banc of California Stadium

Before Los Angeles had the Banc of California Stadium we had the LA Sports Arena. Slated for demolition in 2016, Angel City Lumber was able to work with National Demolition and salvage 10 trees which would otherwise have been chipped. These trees, which we made into furniture, have found their way back to where they originally grew.

Private Residences

Angel City Lumber has done a variety of work at private residences throughout Los Angeles. Residents throughout Los Angeles are often excited to hear which LA neighborhood supplied the lumber used in their project.