and Reuse

Angel City Lumber works with a network of arborists, tree companies and private homeowners to help keep Los Angeles trees out of the waste stream. We accept a large range of species so please feel free to get in touch about any potential trees using the form below. We'll get back to you directly.

What Angel city lumber does

Urban Lumber1.jpg

Trees fall ya'll!
(or need to be cut down)

Urban Lumber2.jpg

Angel City Lumber comes to pick up the logs...

Urban Lumber3.jpg

...and takes them to Boyle Heights.

Urban Lumber4.jpg

Back at the shop, the logs are milled...

Urban Lumber5.jpg

...the pieces are dried...

Urban Lumber6.jpg

...and the resulting lumber is offered for sale. The tree begins its second life!

Tree Recovery Form

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Is tree already down?

Please flip through the pictures below for a look at how we recover the trees of Los Angeles.