TerreMoto, an Echo Park landscape architecture firm, used Deodar Cedar from Hollywood and Mar Vista to create this casual backyard arrangement.  The benches are 18" x 24" and the stools are 24" high.  Angel City Lumber did the fabrication, cutting the beams and rounds from log form before surfacing and sanding all the pieces.

Shapiro JoyaL Studio

A single 16 foot long piece of Sycamore from Hollywood forms the centerpiece of this Shapiro Joyal Studio designed living space.  The slab was originally cut at 3.5" thick and after kiln drying was planed down to 2" before being sanded and delivered to its new Whitley Heights home for finishing and installation.


Stefan Bishop

A self-taught woodworker, Stefan Bishop makes furniture that looks an awful lot like art to us.  We are always excited when Stefan stops by the shop in search of Los Angeles sourced wood for his next project. Take a look at his work - it speaks for itself. The Aleppo Pine for this piece was recovered by Angel City Lumber from Van Nuys.

Cedar Bench

Silverlake homeowners purchased this piece of Deodar Cedar, originally from Alta Dena, to create a simple, elegant bench in their backyard.  This piece began as a live-edge slab at Angel City Lumber where it was rip cut into a 14" wide board, before being sanded and delivered to the client.