Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

When are you open? Why only two days a week?
Angel City Lumber can be reached by email or phone Monday through Saturday, though we prefer email, it's loud in the shop. However, (for the moment) we limit public walk-ins to Friday and Saturday between 9am and 4pm. We are happy to receive clients, visitors or well wishers Tuesday through Thursday with an email appointment. We are a small company and we simply do not have the bandwidth to recover, mill, dry and organize Los Angeles trees into lumber while simultaneously offering the high level of customer service to which we're dedicated. Sorry for any inconvenience. We hope to be open five days a week for walk-ins in the near future. Please Contact Us if you'd like to schedule an appointment.  

How is urban lumber different from reclaimed lumber?
Angel City Lumber is an urban lumber yard, meaning, we recover trees and make them into first run lumber. Reclaimed lumber means the timbers were previously used in a construction project and have now been processed to allow them to be re-used.  

Tree Cutting and Recovery

Can you cut down my tree?
No. Angel City Lumber is not a tree company, nor are we licensed to cut down trees. We can try to recommend a tree company in your area with which we’ve worked before. However, if your tree is already on the ground, we can cut it up into logs for recovery purposes.

Can I get a discount from the tree company for giving you the logs? 
In some cases a tree company may give you a small discount because they will save time not having to chip and haul the log away.  

Can you take any tree for reuse?
Sadly, we cannot. We have specific parameters involving size, species and access which must be met to allow a tree to be turned into lumber. We will need to analyze each tree's circumstances before we can agree to reuse it. Please check our Recovery Page for more info.  

Milling and drying Logs

Do you have a portable milling service?
Yes, Angel City Lumber has a portable mill and can mill your downed tree at the location where it came down. Please Contact Us to get more information or an estimate.

Can I bring my log to you to be milled?
Yes, we are happy to mill your log at our facility. Please Contact Us to get more information or for an estimate.

Can you dry my private lumber?
Angel City Lumber is unable to dry outside lumber. We do occasionally have week-long bug kill runs that we open to the public during which we run the kiln at 160º to kill off bugs living in wood. Please Contact Us if you're interested in knowing when our next bug kill run will occur.

Surfacing, Finishing and Furniture

Can you flatten the lumber I buy?
Yes, Angel City Lumber offers jointing, planing and CNC flattening as an add on service. We do not work on outside wood, however.

Do you make furniture?
We are able to fabricate certain large scale pieces. We have a custom projects department that can fabricate certain large scale pieces. We do not make fine furniture but we can recommend a local craftsperson to fit your particular needs.

Will you apply finish to the wood I purchase?
Angel City Lumber has a variety of add on services including flattening, planing and sanding. However, we are unable to apply finish to individual pieces as our facility is not outfitted for that purpose.